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Monday, 10 April 2017

Designing Miss Adin's new house

Miss Adin has brought a section in Upper Hutt and Room's 57 are helping her design her house. The rooms must be this size:
Living room 6 x 8m
Kitchen 3.5 x 4m
Dining room 4m x 4m
Bathroom 3.5m x 4m
Master bedroom 1   6m x 7m - which must include an ensuite bathroom measuring 3.5 x 3.5
Bedroom 2   6m x 5m
Bedroom 3    5m x 5m
Double garage 8m x 8m
Other things to think about:
  • Make the entrance way and passages as small as possible ( they do need to be wide enough for people to walk down though.) To work out how your house might work you might like to make scale rooms and then move them around to make the best possible design.
  • The scale is 1cm=1m.
  • Make sure you think about the sun aspect and where your outdoor living area would be.. Google where the sun will set!
  • You MUST use a protractor to create perfect  right angle corners
  • Make a scale drawing of the house you design. This can be done on A4 sized paper for display.
  • Your final design must be displayed on white paper, then put on coloured card.

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