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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Room's 57 BINGO Competition!

Room’s 57 BINGO Competition
Play with someone different today, make a new friend
Do some gardening for your parents or someone else
Tried out for something new around the school
Do some baking for someone around the school
Go for a 3km run and don’t stop
Cook a meal for your family on your own
Write someone a letter and post it to them
Make lunches for yourself and your family for the week
Surprise your parents with a small token of your appreciation
Ask someone you know if they have any jobs they could use your help with
Write a list of all the people you're grateful for and why - choose someone on your list and give them a small gift
Help your siblings or someone else with their homework
Do some baking for someone
Organise some time to go and volunteer somewhere
Go for a 2km run and don’t stop
Take something extra in your lunch to give to someone else
Skip for 5 minutes non stop
Choose a few items to donate to a charity store
Do 100 sit ups in a row
Go for a 5km run and don’t stop
Paint/draw someone a picture or make a card
Cook a meal for your family on your own
Tidy up 2 rooms in your house
Choose one person in your family to be kind to all day
Take your family on a walk up Mt Kaukau
Read a whole book series
Make your parents breakfast in bed
Create a game using a large ball and teach it to 5 people
Tried out a new sport
Do a random act of kindness

As evidence you must create a doc with photo/video evidence of each ‘thing’. If your activity involves you completing something at home your parents need to write on your doc to explain how you did.

When you have completed a line (up, down or diagonally) you can show your teacher then put your name in the prize box. The more lines you complete the more chance you have at winning a prize!

This is to be completed over the next 5 weeks (including the holidays!)


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