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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Oral Language - Looking at what makes a good speech

This week we have been watching some speeches online and analysing what makes a good speech.
The students have been answering the following questions after watching a few speeches and finding out for themselves what makes a good speech. 

How did they stand?
How did they speak?
How do they demonstrate confidence and use hand gestures?
In which ways did they vary in tone and pace?
In which ways do they connect with the audience?
What was their eye contact like?
How did they ensure the audience could hear them?
What language did they use?
What were their main points?
How did they use examples or evidence?
How did they use humor to engage audience?
How did they use descriptive language?
How did they use rhetorical questions or tell personal stories?
How did they have a conclusion that was memorable?
Visual aids-
How did they have anything for the audience to look at?

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